Albert has been a lawyer for over 30 years in Guyana, the Caribbean and in the USA, and applied his vast legal experience and great compassion to every client he represented or defended. His Law Office employed state of the art technology in the practice of law, which maximized speed and efficiency for the benefit of clients, with a 24 hour access.  He dedicated his practice to Immigration, Public Benefits Law, International Law, Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Accidents, Election, Real Estate and Business Law, and has secured great benefits, compensation, results and redress for clients.

He provided experienced immigration representation to clients throughout New York, the United States and worldwide, understanding and listening to the issues and problems confronting clients, and worked to deliver the best possible results.  He always defends and advocates for immigrants. His offices are located at 106-11 Liberty Avenue, Ozone Park, NY 11417: (718) 529-2300.   

Landmark and successful cases include:

  • Represented a Post Doctoral Research Associate from Guyana at the Guthrie Research Institute in Pennsylvania secure her residence in the USA based on her groundbreaking research in finding a cure for cancer
  • Secured the acquittal/freedom of three TREASON defendants facing execution in Guyana. Albert received the gratitude and congratulations from the President of Guyana, Dr. Cheddi Jagan for his work in this case
  •  Secured asylum and American citizenship for a 36-year-old woman and her three young daughters from a West African country based on fear of female genital mutilation
  • Reunited several families in the USA after the bread winner/father was deported for a minor offense and the family faced very tumultuous times and had to endure long periods of separation and suffering on grounds of extreme hardship
  • Convinced the Guyana Court of Appeal to advise Parliament to reconsider the law entitling a Judge to usurp the functions of the jury and dismiss strong prima facie cases involving violent crimes. In this “Body in the Bush Case”, Albert prosecuted a violent career criminal who raped, strangled and dumped the body of a young waitress, but was acquitted by the Judge who gave a controversial and blatantly wrong ruling that there was not enough evidence to send the case to the jury. The Appellate Judges posited certain guidelines on how Judges should handle these cases
  •  Obtained judgments prohibiting banks from unilaterally increasing interest rates, which saved many homeowners pursuing the dream of home ownership from foreclosure
  •  Brought a class action lawsuit on behalf of 25,000 co-operators in Rochdale Village, to eradicate rodent infestation, frequent blackouts, security and sanitation problems, to have an independent audit and to implement safeguards to prevent recurrences regarding an $80 million debt, the depletion of their Contingency Reserve Fund from $30 million to $8 million, and an accounting as to how their monies were spent. His efforts brought much needed changes to the second largest co-op in the world.
  •  Secured $30,000 compensation from the Crime Victims Compensation Board for a widow whose husband was murdered, and assisted her family to migrate to the USA
  • Represented a Special Education Teacher in NYC and secured his residence in the USA based on his special methodology
  • Reunited a family based on humanitarian parole after the husband was deported from the USA
  • Obtained US Citizenship for several abused and batted spouses
  • Obtained Lawful Permanent Residence for mentally challenged people based on humanitarian consideration, family unity and medical reasons
  • Was successful in securing US visas and work authorization for several cooperating witnesses in criminal cases involving narcotic trafficking, murder, witness intimidation and money laundering
  • Obtained Green Cards for physicians based on their exceptional abilities, willingness to serve US veterans, serve in rural areas and dedication to the medical profession
  • Obtained US Citizenship for several Registered Nurses who passed the state board nursing exams due to the tremendous shortage of registered nurses in the U.S.
  • Obtained US Citizenship for many religious priests and religious workers due to the tremendous shortage of such personnel in the U.S.
  • Obtained US Citizenship for many engineers, technology professionals, and advanced degree professionals based on their qualifications and contributions to the USA
  • Secured asylum for many people fleeing persecution from all over the world.
  • Secured lawful permanent residence for doctors, registered nurses, physical therapists, army personnel and high school teachers pursuant to satisfying the national interests of the USA. 

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