The Queens Tribune/Press of South East Queens probably analyzed Albert Baldeo best when it endorsed him as a champion of the oppressed in September 2008: “While Baldeo’s abrasive style of bare-knuckle politics may not win him many allies in the political establishment, it’s been effective in voicing the concerns of his community…If’s there’s one person qualified to represent the underdogs, it’s Baldeo.”  He is popularly called the Al Sharpton of Richmond Hill, or the Cheddi Jagan of New York.

Albert Baldeo, a District Leader, a Community Advocate, a Delegate to the Judicial Convention, a County Committeeman and a Civil Rights Leader, has dedicated his life to helping his fellow man. He is an outstanding community leader and grass roots organizer, frequently referred to as "a breath of fresh air." 

He has won both institutional and widespread respect for his dedication to uplifting working families and communities. In the 2006 State Senate elections, Albert earned the support and trust of the diverse voters in this district, by fighting for changes and exposing the stranglehold special interests, lobbyists and cronyism exert on democracy. After great sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears, his grass roots efforts almost won the seat with 49% of the votes cast.

Baldeo's strong, independent showing against the powerful 20 year incumbent paved the way for Councilman Joe Addabbo to finish Albert's mission of defeating Maltese and taking back the State Senate from dysfunction, a watershed event in our political history. Albert got rave reviews, for being "a very special person who made the gut wrenching decision of putting aside his personal ambitions, and to join forces to fight for the greater good of all."

Albert Baldeo is a driven community activist and impassioned advocate, who builds alliances with everyone, fights for issues that affect our quality of life, and makes communities stronger. A former judge and prosecutor, he is also an arbitrator, mediator, lecturer and columnist. He dedicated his law practice to benefit the public, senior citizens, working families, our kids and small businesses in education, housing, real estate and health care law for over 25 years. He makes many proposals to implement changes in the law to better serve our citizens. 

Over the years, Albert has been involved in the community in many different ways. He is the Founder and President of the United Communities Alliance, The Richmond Hill/Ozone Park Democratic club, and the Baldeo Community Outreach, Citizenship and Voter Registration Assistance Center. He is also the President of the Baldeo Community, Citizenship, Youth, Seniors and Welfare Center, Co-President of the Medical and Legal Assistance Center, Chairman of the Community Empowerment Congress, President of the Community Environmental and Crime Prevention Watch, the Coalition against Hate Crimes and the Alliance against Air Pollution.

He dispensed free legal consultations and legal assistance, and sponsors and conducts free educational seminars to the public. He is a regular contributor and columnist in various media, relentlessly advocating for changes. He and his brother, Dr. Philip Baldeo, provide food, clothing, medical supplies and cash to Italy's earthquake victims and to the Guyana Flood, Tsunami, Katrina, Haiti and Pakistan victims and to the poor and needy in our community.

For his dedication and exemplary fights, Albert earned many City Council Citations for Outstanding Political Activism, Citations from the State Senate and State Assembly for his exemplary and distinguished record of service to the community, Congressional Awards for Community leadership, the Nassau County Citation for his Selfless Commitment to His Fellowman that warrants attention and gratitude, Hillary Clinton's and President Obama's campaign for his generous contributions and support, the Queens Borough President's Award,  the Polish American Congress for his leadership achievements, the New Americans Democratic Organization of NY for his civic, social and business leadership and several other Community Leadership Awards.

Albert has forced politicians to be accountable to their constituents, exposes cronyism and special interests, and ensures that the needs and concerns of all constituents are met. His efforts have brought greater attention to the unfair political process, and have empowered constituents in areas that need intervention and advocacy. The resultant impact has enhanced our quality of life, found solutions for those who needed help, ensured greater participation in our democratic process, and has inspired and changed the lives of many.

Albert knows why he is involved in the political struggle. "I am not a professional politician, but a fighter and advocate for our kids, seniors, parents, neighbors and working families, who will do the right thing for my constituents to secure a better quality of life."


Albert assists and encourages new Americans to become US citizens, register to vote, become civic and community minded and exercise their right to vote. He advocates for community empowerment, political representation at all levels of government, constitutional and human rights and fair redistricting-to make our lives better, and enjoy our fair share of tax dollars.

  1. He is a fierce defender and vibrant advocate for workers' rights.
  2. He opened the first Community Assistance Center and Voter Registration Drive in our community.
  3. He gave free legal advice to all, and performed pro bono legal services in appropriate cases based on need, to level the playing field. He has empowered thousands to live the American Dream, in securing American citizenship for them, fighting for civil liberties and social and economic justice, and in representing them in the purchase and sales of their homes and advising corporations, partnerships and small businesses.
  4. He voluntarily assists crime victims to secure compensation and reimbursements from the Crime Victims Compensation Board, which puts them back on their feet again.
  5. He and his brother, Dr. Philip Baldeo, assist victims of homelessness, natural disasters and catastrophes, by giving medical, food, monetary and other assistance to them, such as 9/11, Tsunami, Katrina, Jamaica hurricanes, Italy's earthquake and Guyana's flood relief.
  6. He led a petition drive to make our school buses safer and have routes reinstated on behalf of our suffering kids, to have smaller class sizes, certified teachers, more after school programs, computers, and science labs.
  7. He led a petition drive to keep Aqueduct open as a disaster shelter and as a winterized race track. Now, he is fighting for jobs, collective bargaining and wages at the Aqueduct development Resorts World.
  8. He formed an Alliance to combat Air and Noise Pollution in the environs affected by JFK Airport traffic, advocating for relief for those suffering from environmental diseases like pneumonia, asthma and cancer.
  9. He brought a class action lawsuit on behalf of 25,000 co-operators in Rochdale Village, to eradicate rodent infestation, frequent blackouts, security and sanitation problems, to have an independent audit and to implement safeguards to prevent recurrences regarding an $80 million debt, the depletion of their Contingency Reserve Fund from $30 million to $8 million, an accounting as to how their monies were spent. His efforts brought much needed changes to the second largest co-op in the world.
  10. He leads rallies condemning profiling, hate and bias crimes, highlighting the need for mutual respect for each other and advocates for tolerance.
  11. He advocates for better security against guns and terrorists in our community, making our neighborhoods, schools, homes and public transportation systems safer.
  12. He fought and lobbied with others to get the funding for our kids' education, as mandated by the Campaign for Fiscal Equity law suit victory: $5.6 billion for operating aid annually and $9.2 billion for facilities.
  13. He educates the community to recognize and be vigilant against terrorist activities, with the corresponding duty to alert/turn them over to law enforcement authorities.
  14. He successfully lobbied for 111 Street, a busy 4 lane route in Richmond Hill, to be kept open when the DOT threatened to make it 2 narrow lanes.
  15. He stopped quota driven "Jaywalking" charges and business harassment in diverse communities.
  16. He advocates for real community representation at all precinct, community boards, civic and other meetings. He is also an Education, Jobs, Immigration, Housing & Health care reform advocate.
  17. Has helped homeowners from foreclosures in our district, and lobbied to get the Neighborhood Preservation Act passed.
  18. Has fought the closure of our area hospitals, fire houses, libraries, schools, MTA bus and subway routes.
  19. Has been fighting for Glendale to get its own zip code-confusion causes many to suffer when Medical Emergency response cannot locate them and end up in Flushing.
  20. Has been fighting for seniors to get better health care and social services.
  21. Pushed the City to combat over development in our neighborhoods and preserve historical landmarks.
  22. Successfully lobbied the Legislature to pass laws to make home heating oil confirm to more stringent health standards.
  23. He fights for small business to keep their doors open, knowing that they are the local engines of our economy.
  24. He fought the DOT to keep the Liberty Avenue exit open to keep business in the community from suffering.
  25. He advocates for elevators/escalators at our subway stops.
  26. Fought for better representation and resources to underserved communities in dicennial redistricting/census.
  27. Fought for workers rights, including prevailing wages and collective bargaining at Resorts World & JFK.
  28. Lobbied for communities of interest to be kept together for effective problem solving/funding.
  29. Prevented small businesses from being wiped out and homes destroyed by the reactivation of old railway lines.
  30. Fought for fair quota of quality jobs and quality of life issues for residents living around Resorts World.
  31. Fought foreclosures and rising crime in our communities.
  32. Led fight to prevent Richmond Hill and John Adams High Schools from closing.  





Albert will fight for the entire community. 

Rochdale Village and SE Queens praise 
Albert's leadership (with tie) and work in the community

Albert receives the leadership award of the
New Americans Democratic Club 

Former Senate Democratic leader Tom 
Daschle encourages Albert in his efforts to 
put Democrats in front

Telling Mayor Bloomberg about our problems and working for the common good.

Commissioner of Police Ray Kelly works with Albert Baldeo to reduce crime and implement better police relations in our diverse community.

Congressman John Conyers and Albert talk
about the need for Democrats to stand
behind each other and unite for change-
from Congress to the State Senates.


Working for a teacher's contract and for better education-with UFT's President Weingarten

             Albert was appointed a Senior State
Prosecutor of violent crimes and a Magistrate (Judge) in the Commonwealth at the early 
ages of 22 and 25 respectively-a world record,
but more importantly, a man of vision and commitment.


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