Press Release


The United Neighborhoods Coalition For State Senate District 15, the voice of the many thousands of working families, progressive residents, patriotic Americans, hard working tax payers, new Americans and immigrants in New York City, are proud to endorse and support the candidacy of one of the leading lights and impassioned advocates in our community- State Senate candidate and Attorney at Law Albert Baldeo. Mr. Baldeo and his family have strong roots in our diverse community, and he knows our issues and concerns best of all the candidates running. We must put aside cronyism, racism and insiderism when it comes to choosing our representatives, and Baldeo has served our community with exemplary commitment day in and day out, always willing to stand up for us.


Albert, who lost the last elections by a mere 1% of the votes in 2006, despite the lack of support from so called Democratic leaders, has been receiving tremendous support from many organizations, business leaders and grass roots activists this time around, and we urge all of you to rally around his candidacy and support him in this historic bid to secure representation in our community.  He is the most qualified candidate to represent, protect and advance our concerns, problems and interests. In fact, we have never benefited in any tangible way from his opponents Councilman Joe Addabbo and Senator Serf Maltese, despite the fact that many of us live and pay taxes in their districts. We have endured "taxation without representation" for too long, and must demand accountability from those who took an oath, and are paid to represent us, not denigrate us, so that we can have our fair share of governmental services and benefits-like other communities.


In fact, although we give him a pass on the City Council slush funds scandal, we denounce Councilman Joe Addabbo for his harassment of minorities, his vote for the record property tax increase of 18.5% which has spiraled record foreclosures in our district while voting himself a 25% salary increase, his numerous campaign finance violations, his track record of abusing tax payer funds, his poor environmental and animal rights records and abuse, and Maltese for more of the same. Both are recycled politicians playing musical chairs on our tax dollars.


Baldeo has been receiving glowing endorsements and support from many community workers, leaders, businessmen, professionals and labor representatives in his efforts to change the NY State Senate from Republican to Democrat. A fighter for all constituents, you must help him win this seat this time, so that he can be your voice for bringing much needed resources, jobs, reforms and benefits to our district in health care, education, housing, jobs and government services, and address police harassment and racial discrimination. He has distinguished himself with his perseverance and hard work to uplift your quality of life. Stand up and be counted! Go out and vote for Albert Baldeo-and tell your relatives and friends to do so also!


  AlbertBaldeo.Com 2005