Prior to the Special Election disenfranchisement, Attorney at Law and Community advocate

Albert Baldeo was the clear front runner in the race to replace Assemblyman Seminerio

Our community, the fourth largest growing group in New York City, was wrongly deprived of a seat at the table of government when a Special Election was called to cancel the Primary Election. Despite being the front runner on the Primary ballot, and the candidate most favored to win the seat, Albert Baldeo, and all other candidates, were removed from the ballot. The Queens Democratic Organization unilaterally designated Mike Miller, whose selection was guaranteed by this back door process. 


This election will be recorded as a terrible travesty in which a full and open primary process was quashed-one in which your right to vote for and choose your own candidate was taken away from you in a most un-American manner.  While this certainly will undermine Mr. Miller's legitimacy as an Assembly member, it also casts an unfortunate and dark cloud over the entire process, which was really a farce, and sends the wrong message to voters that your votes do not count.


Commenting on this injustice, Community advocate Albert Baldeo said, "Nevertheless, I will continue to work for all of you, the constituents of our entire district, on the issues that are important to this community and improving the quality of life for all residents. I ask you to renew your commitment with me to make our neighborhoods a better place to live and work for each succeeding generation.  We will continue to fight for the resources and services we need to improve our schools, health care, senior centers, bring good jobs and wages back and improve our quality of life.


I want to thank the many people who supported and encouraged me in this race, even as it was being taken away from us. Your work on the campaign, collecting petitions, distributing literature and talking to the voters of this district about the issues is the most selfless form of civic engagement in a Democracy. You have honored me with your efforts, and I hope to honor you in the future as I continue to work in our community to improve our collective quality of life.

As Americans, and as tax payers, we must continue this historic fight for representation for our kids and for generations to come."

Source: United Communities Alliance

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