February 21, 2007 

Letter To Addabbo, Baldeo
To Councilmember Joseph Addabbo Jr. and Albert Baldeo:

It is common knowledge in political circles that Councilman Joe Addabbo is interested in becoming a Congressman, like his father. Recent press reports state that he is being encouraged to run by the Queens County Democratic Organization. It seems that County wants to keep the state senate seat within its control, expecting that Addabbo will carry out its agenda. Baldeo is not seen by County as an insider, but as too independent to be their choice, never mind his great showing during the last election. This is the same so called "Democratic organization" which propagated a Republican, state Senator Serph Maltese, in office since 1988 by refusing to run a Democratic challenger against him! That speaks volumes about their bona fides.

Should Addabbo put County's interest above his own, he will be seen as merely seeking the state senate seat because of the term limits in the City Council. Instead, he could easily replace Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer, who has declared her intention of running for the Queens Borough President, or Congressman Anthony Weiner, who may either run for mayor or replace U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, and fulfill his dream of becoming a Congressman. Baldeo announced last December that he will be contesting the seat again, because of his aggressive voter registration, and his legitimate expectation of a lot more institutional and financial support this time around. County's manipulation of pitting two Democrats against each other for the same state senate seat will dilute the Democratic base, waste resources, create diversions, and boost a sagging Maltese. Should Maltese win on account of this, Addabbo will be seen as the villain.

I ask Mr. Addabbo to consider these alternatives of doing what's best for our district, rather than what he perceives as being best for his own career. We all know that Albert Baldeo ran an impressive race against Serph Maltese, coming within 1 percent of unseating Maltese. I do believe that Mr. Baldeo should have the opportunity to achieve his goal of winning that seat on behalf of the many districts who have never had a fair share in the distribution of resources. He has shown great interest in our children and our public schools (overcrowd[ed] classrooms, shortage of certified teachers and text books, after school programs), putting an end to over-zoning that is destroying our neighborhoods, and also fighting to help our seniors keep their homes amid rising taxes and prescription costs. Albert Baldeo has shown that he cares about our struggles and I strongly feel that he can better serve our district as his intentions are not simply that of a calculating career move, but a pure desire to serve his community.

Diane Marino

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