Monday, July 16, 2007


In Queens, a Fight to Challenge a Veteran State Senator

By Jonathan P. Hicks


                             From left: Albert J. Baldeo, Serphin R. Maltese and Joseph P. Addabbo Jr.


A year ago, Albert J. Baldeo, a little-known lawyer in Queens, came close to toppling one of the most venerable Republican leaders in New York City: State Senator Serphin R. Maltese. In fact, Mr. Baldeo came within about 900 votes –­ roughly 2 percentage points ­ of winning. In the months since November, Mr. Baldeo has been planning his next campaign against the incumbent, having raised $200,000 by his own account for the 2008 election.


After coming so close, one might expect Queens Democratic leaders to cheer on the enthusiastic Mr. Baldeo. But nothing could be further from the case.

“I’ve gotten support from everyone but the Queens County Democratic organization,” Mr. Baldeo said. “And I think that sends a bad message. The days of cronyism and the old boys’ club should no longer be the way to go. As a Democratic organization, if you don’t stand behind the candidate with 49 percent in the last race, who will you stand behind?”  More.....





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