Albert Baldeo visits schools to evaluate where assistance is needed and discusses career choices with students
Community advocate Albert Baldeo has been visiting our schools to assess areas where assistance and resources can be advocated for and directed to, and has been taking his message of hope and empowerment to kids. "America is the land of hope and opportunity, and a place where your dreams can come true. Stay focused and be the best that you can be in your chosen fields of endeavor, because the global economy is becoming increasingly competitive. Be polite and helpful to others, and listen to your teachers and parents. Focus on your lessons and homework now, so that you can become what you want to be. That is the whole promise of the American dream- a dream we must all make a reality."
Source: Community News
Students discuss their career choices with Albert
Student participation is always encouraged with Albert
"You are our best investment for the future!"
"Albert's really cool!"
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