Thank You, Albany, for listening to us on the MTA fare hikes and service cuts! By Albert Baldeo.


Together, our collective voices forced the Governor and the State Senate to act. After months of messages, petitions, and pressure on elected officials in Albany , we stopped the MTA's "doomsday" plan, hiking fares and cutting services. We should all breathe a sigh of relief. We spoke up, and they had to listen. Itís called the power of your vote. Our local media also deserve kudos for highlighting the issue.

Thanks to your efforts, millions of New Yorkers have been saved from the 25-70% fare hikes, elimination of dozens of bus and subway lines, and steep cuts in service everywhere. Thousands of messages to our elected officials, regarding these issues, forced them to listen to our concerns.

Albany had to finally agree on an alternative MTA funding plan that will provide the MTA with billions in badly needed revenue, while putting in place some essential reforms.

As with compromises, the plan that passed in
Albany is not perfect.  Transit fares will still increase, unfortunately, but they will be nowhere near the massive hikes originally proposed.  Moreover, the deal only begins to address the need for long-term repairs, improvements and expansions to our subway, bus, and train systems. Our fight for an affordable, reliable mass transit system must continue. Donít let them derail us!

But today, we should take a moment to celebrate, because we achieved real results for millions of New Yorkers. We will continue to fight for the fundamental issues that matter most to middle and working-class New Yorkers, including dependable transit, affordable housing, quality health care,  improved education, better jobs and living wages, and making New York a better place to live and work in.

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