The United Communities Alliance, under the Chairmanship of Community Advocate and leader, Attorney Albert Baldeo, held its annual awards gala last Friday at the elegant Majestic Marquise in Ozone Park. The occasion brought together many diverse supporters and friends from throughout the Queens area to celebrate the accomplishments and significant contributions of elected, professional, community and business leaders for their tireless commitment to serving the community.  These leaders were applauded for their work in building a stronger New York, and for highlighting what can be accomplished when we give of ourselves for the benefit of others.


A moving tribute was paid by Albert Baldeo to Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, whose parents were born in Guyana. He highlighted her success in overcoming many childhood and institutional obstacles to become a “beacon of hope and success for others to emulate,” by becoming the first person of color to hold that high office. She is the caretaker of more than 2 million residents. Other public officials who attended the event, or were represented, included Governor David Paterson, Congressman Gregory Meeks, State Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, State Senator John Sampson, State Senator Shirley Huntley, State Senator Joe Addabbo, Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer, Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, Councilman Eric Gioia, Councilman John Liu and Councilman Tony Avella. They also received commendations for their public service.


Everyone applauded Albert Baldeo’s efforts to empower and fight for our community, for encouraging civic responsibility and engagement, for bringing new Americans into the mainstream of American life, and for his dedication to improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers. Many elected representatives praised and thanked Albert Baldeo for his leadership role in putting personal ambitions aside and in helping Democrats flip the State Senate for the first time since 1935, thus breaking the gridlock style of Albany politics, including Senator John Sampson, who now chairs the powerful Judiciary Committee. “Malcolm Smith and Democrats would not have been in the majority today without the help of Albert Baldeo,” said Senator Sampson. Baldeo’s leadership role was also acknowledged at a separate City Hall ceremony last Friday.


The honorees, truly reflective of the talents, origins and heritage which distinguishes Queens as the most diverse county in the USA,  were civic leaders Maria Thomson, Frank Kotnik, Brian Dooley, Vance Barbour, Andrea Crawford, Howard Kamph, Kathy Masi, Arlene LoMastro, Margaret Finnerty, Balbir Multani, Tom and Cathy Murawski, Eleanor Errante, business leaders Patrick Ramlall of Ram’s Bottled Water, Rajindra and Sandra Datnarain of Majestic Marquee’s Catering Hall,  Mendra Singh of Metrocity, Dr. Wendy Keiser-O’Neill and Fred Baldeo, Raghbir Singh Subhanpur, Rajender Singh Bawa, Asghar Ali and Jarnail Singh.


The United Communities Alliance seeks to empower and improve the quality of life of residents living in Queens.  Its goals are to consolidate residents of the district into active participation for the betterment of the district, to develop coalitions of neighborhood organizations and groups, to foster a greater civic voice for the community, to solve issues and problems confronting neighborhoods, and to translate civic activity into positive activity.



Borough President Helen Marshall receives a citation from Albert Baldeo and family on behalf of the community for her "dedication, commitment and exemplary contribution to public service."


Albert Baldeo receives a proclamation from Governor David Paterson from the Governor's Representative George Hu.


Some of the elected officials and representatives who attended the event: Jorge Fanjul, Councilman John Liu's representative, Congressman Greg Meeks and State Senator Shirley Huntley's representative Warren Gardiner, State Senator John Sampson, Councilwoman Liz Crowley, Councilman Bill DeBlasio's representative Tyquana Henderson, Councilman Tony Avella, Democratic District Leader Frank Gulluscio for State Senator Joe Addabbo, Councilman Tom White, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall.



Also in attendance was Councilman Eric Gioia.



The honorees with elected officials, Borough President Helen Marshall and Community leader Albert Baldeo-joining hands to work for the betterment of the most diverse community in the USA.


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