In Spirit of the  Season, Time to Band Together

The grinches and scrooges certainly had a  field day as our economy regressed this past year. Yes, the  realities are as grim as any we have faced before:

  • Unemployment in the city is the  highest it's been since 1993 (10.3%).
  • Water rates have risen  98%.
  • Property taxes have increased  by 40%. 
  • MTA fares have increased, and  services reduced or cut, while public transportation remains a  major issue.
  • We desperately need affordable housing to stem the exodus from our state.
  • Homelessness in the city has  risen over 9% since 2005 to a new high (12,000 people).
  • Our hospitals are being closed,  while health care insurance is sky rocketing.
  • Rent increases are squeezing  the working class out of our neighborhoods.
  • Foreclosures are destroying our communities.
  • Parents have been denied a voice in our children's education.
  • While working families struggle  to make ends meet, the city's top managerial employees roll in  $69 million in salary increases.
  • Our schools are unbearably  overcrowded, while school aides are being laid off.
  • Overdevelopment is ruining our  neighborhoods and overwhelming our communities with hideous, out  of character monstrosities.

Yet, hope springs eternal, and our  will, both as a community, and as a nation, will pull us through.  Now, more than ever before, we have to live out the true meaning  and spirit of this season, and be each other's keeper.

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