President Bill Clinton congratulated and  encouraged Albert Baldeo to "fight for the upliftment of your fellow man." Albert delivered BIG for Democrats.

Column: On  Politics
by Anthony Stasi
They say in sports that sometimes the best trade you make is when you choose not to make a trade. The best thing Albert Baldeo did this year - and maybe for his political life - was stepping aside and not running in a primary for the State Senate seat in the 15th district.

On November 13, The Good Government Regular Democratic Club honored Baldeo. 

"It shows that I am getting recognized by the mainstream of my party," Baldeo told me.

Sometimes awards like this are just ways of thanking people for their donations. But the Good  Government Democratic Club, which is headed by Lew Simon of Rockaway, is a very active and credible organization. Baldeo is right to feel that this is a significant step into the arena that  is Queens politics.

The Good Government Regular Democratic  Club is not always "regular." Lew Simon is an extremely active district leader that has been known to push the political envelope and challenge his own party. Simon ran against Joe Addabbo in a primary (with other candidates as well) in 2001 for the City Council seat in the 32nd District. It was in that primary fight with Simon that Addabbo began to push a little harder, and that energized his political success. So it is no great shock that Simon's club saw Baldeo's activism as something to be applauded.

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