• Improved public safety  and accountability- the foundation of our existence. More needs  to be done, as the recent underwear bomber incident confirms. Janet Napolitano, the US Secretary of Homeland Security of the Obama administration, must step up to the plate or resign. There ഀ is no room for failure. We simply cannot accept the way the  administration handled this near disaster. 
  • Greater motivation and  accountability from education administrators to lift our kids to  the heights they should reach, while making parents equal partners in our children’s education. No slashing or withholding  of school funding. 
  • Ensuring no lay offs of firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses or sanitation  workers.  
  • Keeping in check the  costs of city, state and federal government, notably its  personnel expenses, thus preventing the noose from tightening  around tax payers’ necks.
  • Congressional initiative  in treating New Yorkers equitably in the proposed health  insurance legislation. 
  • Abandoning the proposed  MTA service cuts, and saving the more than half million of our  students and children who receive free or discounted Metro Cards. 
  • Curbing increases in property taxes and water rates, which have risen by 40% and 98%  respectively. 
  • Preventing any more hospital closures, but recouping the large amounts being siphoned off due to fraud, mismanagement, and waste in our medical bureaucracy. 
  • State and City government solving our budgetary and fiscal problems. 
  • Addressing unemployment, affordable housing, homelessness, veteran’s  welfare, rent increases, small businesses, foreclosures,  neighborhood parks, the environment, green jobs sustainability,  overdevelopment, air and noise pollution, polluted land and traffic congestion.

Reform is long overdue. The  clarion calls are deafening to purge the Augean stables of Albany  of those responsible. The curse of government dysfunction has  placed an unfair and overwhelming burden around the necks of  working families, our kids and our communities collectively. We  demand, and deserve, better. Enough is enough!

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