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1/25/2010                                                                    President & Community Advocate

  1. Attorney at Law Albert Baldeo gives free legal assistance to Haitian victims
  2. In response to the hardship caused on January 12 this month by the  terrible earthquake that devastated their homeland, Attorney at Law Albert Baldeo has been giving free legal assistance to all  Haitians in the United States at his Law Offices located at 106-11 Liberty Avenue, downstrairs Ozone Park in New York. Principal among the assistance offered is petitioning the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on their behalf for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Baldeo said that this law "allows individuals from countries where an environmental  disaster, armed conflict or other extraordinary and temporary conditions prevent a country's nationals from returning home. TPS allows nationals of affected countries to live and work here for up to 18 months. It can, and is often, extended beyond the initial 18 months."

  3. "Only Haitians who can establish Haitian citizenship, and prove that  they were in the United States on January 12 this year will qualify. A Haitian birth certificate  (translated into English) or a Haitian passport (even if expired), are the best proof. If applicants do not have any of these items, they can submit secondary evidence, which can include a government document issued to them while in Haiti and affidavits from individuals who knew them there," Baldeo said.

    To establish that they were in the United States here on or before  January 12, they can produce their passports with an entry stamp,  an I-94 Arrival/Departure Record, employment records, pay stubs, W-2 Forms, IRS tax transcripts, letters from employers, bank or  credit card statements, rent receipts, utility bills, school  records for them or their children or medical records, letters  from churches, unions or other organizations, birth certificates ഀ of children born here, dated bank transactions and wire transfers, letters, contracts, mortgages, and insurance polices.

    However, Haitians convicted of two misdemeanors or one felony are not eligible for TPS. Some single misdemeanor convictions bar individuals from getting TPS, though sometimes the law allows DHS to waive those bars.  The law also allows travel  outside the U.S. while in TPS  status, which will help some Haitians to visit their ravaged homeland and attend to family and business matters. Anyone requiring free legal assistance can call the Law Offices of Albert  Baldeo at (718) 529-2300.
He also offers free legal advice to anyone, apart from Haitians, in  need of legal assistance.


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