City Council candidate Albert Baldeo braved the inclement weather, and in pouring rain, thanked his many supporters and delivered a moving message of unity and empowerment to the many Indo Caribbeans celebrating the arrival of East Indians to different parts of the world held on Sunday May 22 last at Smokey Park, an annual event sponsored by the Indo Caribbean Federation.

To a rapt audience, Baldeo said, "Unless we unite, register to vote, and exercise our right to vote, we will be kept out of the benefits our tax payments should bring to us. The last Councilmen, Allan Jennings and Tom White, did very little, if anything, for us, and we should send someone who would represent our interests to the City Council. I am that candidate! We cannot be running from "pillar to post" all our lives! The Diaspora has enriched America, and we must get our fair due from the government!

I am stepping up to the plate to go to bat for the residents of Council District 28- Rochdale, Richmond Hill, Jamaica and Ozone Park, because our community needs dynamic, inspiring, moral and robust new leadership. I will bring a fresh and invigorating approach to tackling the pressing issues and problems in this district rising above those who seek to divide and marginalize us.

Advocating for a person means advancing and protecting every part of his or her life. Each day in my office, and in our neighborhoods, I hear my clients and fellow citizens telling me of how city government is failing to provide essential services to improve our quality of life in health, education, housing, transportation, senior services, wages & workers’ benefits, crime, police-community relations, discrimination, youth programs, jobs, among many other concerns.

I am seeking office to change that and make city government work for all of us in this district, to advance economic prosperity and civic pride, alleviate poverty, hardship and suffering, and eradicate all injustices and shortcomings in our society. I answer to no political boss or special interests. You, the people, are my boss. I will fight to make open, honest government a reality in District 28. Together we will aspire, and together, we will succeed!"


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