Gulf Coast disaster is a wake up call for all.

The present  disaster in the Gulf Coast is a wake up call for us to address the environmental problems that cry out for solutions right here in  the Empire State. It underscores the need for urgent and  comprehensive action on climate change and energy reform, and the  state Legislature must act on these important climate change  legislation now:

The Global Warming  Pollution Control Act which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by the year 2050, and push major growth in the  renewable energy sector. Our climate is warming due to increasing  levels of greenhouse gasses (GHG) like carbon dioxide, methane and  nitrous oxide, in the atmosphere. The rising amounts of GHGs are  caused in significant part by industrial activities by us. 

This law will establish  greenhouse gas limits and a greenhouse gas reporting system,  thereby addressing the critical issue of climate change by  directing the Department of Environmental Conservation to  establish a GHG emissions limit from all sources in New York  State. Private investment will spur the development and growth of  green industries throughout the state, resulting in much-needed  jobs and additional revenue sources.

The Solar Industry  Development and Jobs Act, which calls for the installation of  5,000 megawatts of solar energy systems in New York by 2025. This  will generate $22 billion in economic activity and create 22,000  good-paying, long-term jobs, allowing New York to reach its full  potential in solar energy. Currently, New York has less than 36 MW  of installed solar potential from it 1,200 photovoltaic (PV)  systems, and this law will create a regulatory framework that ഀ encourages investment in the production, marketing, and  installation of PV systems. It will also stimulate the green  economy, create additional jobs and a self sustaining  market.

The New York State Energy  Code will improve energy efficiency in new homes by 20 percent and  save homeowners on their energy bills. New York residents have the  ninth highest energy expenditures nationwide-nearly $2,410 per  housing unit. Legislation to update the state’s energy  conservation construction code would not only lower energy costs  for New Yorkers, but also help to create a cleaner environment.  This important piece of legislation will decrease New Yorkers’  high energy costs by requiring greater energy performance in new  homes.

The passage of these laws  will reduce energy costs, spur job growth, reduce greenhouse gas  emissions and go a long way towards protecting our  environment.

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