Albert Baldeo Calls Upon All To Save Liberty Avenue Exit To Van Wyck Expressway From Threatened Closure.
“Ill-conceived plan will kill our local economy”

Community Advocate and Attorney at law Albert Baldeo has started a petition drive and awareness outreach to elected officials, the Community Boards, the Department of Transportation, and other government agencies demanding that the proposed closure by the Department of Public Transportation of the Liberty Avenue Exit to the Van Wyck Expressway be permanently and immediately discontinued.

“Any closure of this important economic lifeline to our community will severely hurt the businesses and professions that serve the community here in Richmond Hill, Ozone Park, Woodhaven, Jamaica, South Ozone Park and environs, and will cut off a vital flow of traffic and the concomitant benefits to city, state and federal government and the residents who depend on the services offered in this district. We presently have a large unemployment and foreclosure rate, and government should be helping, not stifling, businesses to make ends meet. I call upon all elected representatives and concerned citizens to ensure that this plan does not see the light of day,” Baldeo urged.

“The Department of Transportation and other government agencies should work with local owners in partnership to improve parking, safety, lighting, sanitation, quality of life services and promote businesses in the area to the broader city and state markets, because this area provides an important tax base for the government. We have revitalized these communities, and will not sitഀ by and allow the DOT to take this ill advised action and ruin our communities,” Baldeo continued.

“Moreover, closing this exit will overburden the Woodhaven and Cross Bay Boulevard exits, which are already congested. It also creates a dangerous precedent for other vital communication arteries like Myrtle, Metropolitan, Atlantic, Hillside, Jamaica Avenues to be closed,” he said.

Albert Baldeo
Community Advocate and Attorney at Law
106-11 Liberty Avenue
Ozone Park, NY 11417
(718) 323-0791

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