AlbertBaldeo warns that Aqueduct development must not overburden or deteriorate quality of life of surrounding communities.


Community Advocate and Attorney at Law Albert Baldeo has issued a statement warning that Aqueduct’s proposed development must be monitored. In response to the many residents seeking his help who are concerned that the value of their hard earned properties and quality of life will deteriorate, Baldeo released the following statement:

We, as residents, tax payers and good neighbors of Aqueduct, hereby appeal to the likely developers, Genting New York, all elected officials, Community Board 10, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Sanitation, the MTA, and all other concerned agencies, and hereby demand that the proposed expansion take into account the following issues.

We demand that the surrounding communities of Ozone Park, South Ozone Park, Richmond Hill South, and Howard Beach be allocated a fair proportion of the jobs, both short term construction-related, and long term jobs within the facility in this extremely difficult economic climate. With unemployment at 10%, new jobs will help stave off the rising tide of home foreclosures, and alleviate the economic burden on working families who live here.

We think it is only fair that ongoing decisions taken must include consultation with Community Board 10, elected officials, community leaders, and the more than 130,000 residents who are most impacted in our area of Ozone Park, South Ozone Park,Richmond Hill South, and Howard Beach, and who have invested in the American Dream of home ownership.

We demand that contract arbitration with any union organizing racino workers and other workers’ rights, including prevailing wages, be adhered to. Exploitation of our workers will not be tolerated. Many residents hope that the flea market will be retained, albeit moved to a different location within the facility, to prevent the loss of jobs and sustenance to the many working families who depend on it for survival.

While we are appreciative that Aqueduct’s development will generate jobs and revenue, we are also concerned that quality of life issues are not impinged upon. We do not want our neighborhood to be converted to a parking lot for patrons, and we will be vigilant that issues such as prostitution, graffiti, traffic congestion, noise, gambling, sanitation and the other concomitant evils associated with these vices do not overburden our communities.
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