City Council Candidate Albert Baldeo has outlined a detailed plan to establish an economic development corporation that will serve the greater Richmond Hill area, citing economic development as a major issue which his candidacy seeks to address,

Noting that one of the major concerns of all area residents is growth and how best to manage it, Baldeo said that “Richmond Hill has experienced an upsurge in terms of population and economic activity which the current infrastructure can no longer support. Instead of approaching development in a hodgepodge manner, we should be looking at approaches which would take into consideration all of the factors such as transportation, sanitation, parking, business activities, and population growth especially the need for safe, affordable, legal housing.

Such an approach seeks to address everyone’s concerns since none of these issues exist independent of each other.

Local development corporations already exists for neighboring areas such as Jamaica and Woodhaven. These communities have benefited greatly from this kind of public/private partnership. We can emulate and should seek to duplicate their success," Baldeo urged.

In order for this vision to be realized, Baldeo plans to work with local business, civic, and community leaders. In fact, he plans to include everyone in the decision making process, stating that, "everyone who lives here has a right to be represented or to present his/her idea."

Baldeo continued, "Richmond Hill and the surrounding areas are grossly underserved by taxpayer-funded government services. The presence of a grand alliance such as one afforded under the aegis of a local development corporation will afford a great degree of cohesiveness and coordination for the betterment of the quality of life for the residential and commercial citizens of the area.

A Greater Richmond Hill Development Corporation is long overdue. We need to partner with established institutions such as the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation and the Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation to make this a reality."


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