A crowd of over 1,000 resolute and angry Rochdale residents attended and signed a joint petition and resolution concerning issues affecting their quality of life in Rochdale Village last Friday evening at the Holy Unity's Cultural Office located on Guy Brewer Boulevard in South East Queens. The meeting was summoned by a large number of unhappy cooperators, who enlisted the aid of Attorney at Law and City Council candidate Albert Baldeo. After listening to their grievances and concerns, Albert Baldeo has commenced, pro bono, legal proceedings on their behalf. A resolution, drafted by Baldeo, was signed by over 1,000 residents.

Foremost among their concerns was the burdensome 12% carrying charge increase effective July 1, 2005, levied on them "without consultation, agreement, or negotiation," the call for an independent forensic audit of the Rochdale Village Corporation's transactions and records, and health, security, building, parking and living conditions. The dissatisfied cooperators/residents of Rochdale have authorized Baldeo to institute legal proceedings, to wit a class action lawsuit, on their behalf to alleviate their many gripes.

The residents are also calling for the immediate investigation and removal of the Board of Directors of the Rochdale Village Corporation, because "it has not met its fiduciary responsibility to meet, receive, and/or provide information pertinent to the business of the Rochdale Village Corporation, despite repeated requests and demands that it do so." They are also asking that a Court Order be sought mandating that the Board place the 12% increase in an interest bearing account, without prejudice to the rights of the cooperators, pending the results of an independent forensic audit."

Albert Baldeo said that it was for reasons like these why he feels "that our previous City Council representatives have failed us as a community, and that is why, I, as a taxpayer, father and a member of the working class, is running for the City Council seat. Our schools are too overcrowded, computers, science labs and libraries must be upgraded, transportation must be improved, quality heath care must be more accessible to all, especially seniors, home ownership for all must become a reality, more jobs and living wages must be brought to District 28, and more after school programs and job training must be implemented. City services must be improved in our community. I will bring progress and development to the entire District 28 community of Jamaica, Ozone Park, Richmond Hill and Rochdale Village."

Attorney Albert Baldeo pledges his support and resources to Rochdale Village. Standing next to him is Meeting Chairman Mr. Roland Watson, and the original signers to the petition.

A section of the large crowd which attended the meeting, wating their turn to ask questions and/or vent their dissatisfaction.

Attorney at Law and City Council candidate Albert Baldeo (with tie), is thanked by the many Rochdale cooperators for making his services and resources available to them.

In 2 photos above: The original signers of the Resolution thank Albert Baldeo for his leadership on their problems: James Kornegay, Pamela Thomas, Mary Morrison, Sylvia McCarroll, Norma Chambers, Al Williams, Michele Wright, Earl Roberts, Roland Watson (Chairman), and Alfonso Elliott.

Bishop Richard Moore and Albert Baldeo thank each other for assisting Rochdale cooperators.

Rochdale cooperators show solidarity with Albert Baldeo.

In 2 photos above: Sections of the audience, which turned out to air their grievances against the Rochdale Board of Directors.

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