City Council candidate and prominent attorney at law Albert Baldeo secured more votes than his two Indo-Caribbean rivals -Dhanpaul Narine and Robby Mahadeo-combined, but said that whereas they both ran to ensure his defeat, he was trying to bring the seat home so that the entire community could have benefited, and lamented his loss to Tom White. "I ran to win," Baldeo said, "whereas Narine and Mahadeo ran to destroy my candidacy. I got votes and support from the entire 5 neighborhoods in this district, and I intend to build on this base. The fact that White got 40% of the votes underlines his vulnerability, and my candidacy has sent a strong message to him that he has to do more to serve our community also. I will continue my efforts to empower and represent our community, so that resources, city services and jobs can be brought here. I will continue to advocate for our community. We cannot afford to be ignored any longer," a resolute Baldeo assured.

Albert Baldeo, who was a leading contender and a favorite in many polls and newspapers to beat Tom White and Allan Jennings for the District 28 seat before his recent arrest a month ago on what many describe as "fabricated, wicked and trumped up charges by a rival candidate Dr. Robby Mahadeo and his wife Rachel Itwaru," has criticized the other Indo-Caribbean candidates Dr. Dhanpaul Narine and Dr. Robby Mahadeo for "running just to split the Indian vote so that he could not win." Baldeo explained that Robby Mahadeo did the bidding of Vishnu Mahadeo, who spited him because of his (Baldeo's) refusal to falsely testify that Ed Ahmad and Leyland Rupnarain had cut off his pony tail in Vishnu's attempt to garner a $45 million dollar judgment against these two prominent real estate brokers. Vishnu had a chance to represent our community at the Community Boards, but he was kicked off. He said that he came back from Guyana just to destroy me. What manner of man is this?" Baldeo asked.

"Dhanpaul Narine, on the other hand, was the pawn for Kawal Totaram, Herman Singh, Reggie Rawana and Jay Rakhar, who wanted their rubber stamp in City Council, so that their narrow minded interests could be served. It is all about the crab mentality, where none of these crabs would have entered the race if only Jennings or White were the only ones on the ticket. They have destroyed our community's chances of having one of us elected, and we must learn a bitter lesson not to be manipulated by egotistical and spiteful individuals," Baldeo warned. "I worked selflessly for Trevor Rupnarain as the Community Affairs President when he ran and fellow attorney Kawal Totaram was his campaign manager, and yet these individuals turned their back on me. It's also a poor example of community commitment that our so called "community leaders, intellectuals and gurus" could not broker a deal that would have benefited our own community. Who are they fooling?" a disappointed Baldeo said.

"The recent election has taught our community that we must be more civic minded, and not wait until there is a crisis. The rampant harassment and discrimination practiced by the building inspectors over the last basement crisis and frequent police harassment were ignored by us, as a community, and should these or other crises happen again, we would be at a loss for representation. We can only blame ourselves. We must become citizens, register to vote and empower ourselves, or we will continue to be marginalized in this community's affairs. Stand up and be counted, " Baldeo urged.

"When you have to use your community's resources to fight crabs within your house, then your resources are decreased to fight the real opponents, who are Tom White, who was backed by the powerful county machinery, and Allan Jennings. In the case of Dhanpaul Narine, he even teamed up with Tom White, as instanced in the NY 1 debate to attack me, so he must be seen as one who slept with the enemy for his own personal future gains, but it reflects badly on us that we are seen as a community whose so called "leaders" are a sorry bunch of sell outs and opportunists. Securing land in Schenectady by bribing the Mayor for yourself and buddies, or securing Guyana law book sweetheart contracts for oneself cannot be compared to the selfless service to your fellow beings, and many Guyanese, Trinidadians and other residents of this district are proud of my efforts and sacrifice to empower them, because Tom White and Allan Jennings have never traversed this side of the Van Wyck to respond to our complaints," Baldeo said.

In a congratulatory call to Tom White, the latter promised to fulfill his mandate to Richmond Hill, South Ozone Park and Ozone Park. "I will work with your community, " Mr. White promised to Baldeo, who replied, "We will be watching," Councilman White, "It will not be politics as usual."


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