• Enabled thousands to live the American Dream, in securing American citizenship for them, and in representing them in the purchase & sales of their homes & advising corporations & partnerships

  • Kept 111 Street a 4 lane route, when the DOT threatened to make it 2 narrow  lanes
  • With brother Dr. Philip Baldeo, provided food, clothing, medical supplies and cash to Guyana Flood,Tsunami victims, Katrina & Pakistan victims and the poor & needy in our community
  • Opened the first Community Assistance Center & Voter Registration Drive in our community
  • Secured compensation for crime victims & formed an organization to combat hate crimes
  • Stopped  quota driven "Jaywalking" charges & business harassment in our community
  • Assisted low income shareholders/cooperators in Rochdale Village to fight against rent increases & poor living conditions in a class action law suit
  • Ensures community representation at all precinct, community boards, civic and other meetings
  • Education, Immigration, Housing & Health care reform advocate
  • Gives free legal advice to all


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