City Council candidate Albert Baldeo and Dr. Philip Baldeo sent 2 large 60 feet containers containing food, medical supplies, clothing and other supplies to Guyana, as their efforts intensify at the Baldeo Community Center, located at 125-14 Liberty Avenue in Richmond Hill, Queens. They also combined their efforts with the Masjid Al Abidin, New Concept Democratic Club and NMCRA Realty in sending the above items-vitally needed in Guyana.

Albert Baldeo calls upon the international community, including the USA to "assist a struggling country to get back on its feet, because problems grow every day. At least 30 people have died from waterbourne diseases, the rice crop is severly threatened, and there is the pending threat of more rainfall. The death toll is climbing alarmingly..."

Other free services offered at the Center include voter registration, legal consultations and citizenship drive. In picture, Candidate Albert Baldeo and Dr. Philip Baldeo, brothers, pack containers which were sent off to Guyana earlier this week to assist victims of the flood.


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