Attorney at Law Albert Baldeo is warmly thanked by the widow of murdered Guyanese immigrant Jagat Ram Balram, for his legal assistance. Her brother and son were also grateful for the compensation which will help to put hem back on their feet.

The grieving widow and son of a deceased hardworking Guyanese bus mechanic, Jagat Ram Balram, who was cruelly punched, stomped and killed by a teenager as he returned home about 1 am from work just outside his home on Jamaica Avenue near Lefferts Boulevard on March 1 last year, received help from Attorney at Law and community advocate Albert Baldeo. The attack drew wide attention in the daily newspapers, and some, including the BBC, initially perceived it as a hate crime. However, the District Attorney's investigation and the facts supported a wanton killing by Antonio Roque, a reckless school drop out. Queens District Attorney Brown condemned the killing as "vicious, wanton and unprovoked."

Baldeo castigated the school authorities as "failing in their duty to act on obvious signs that Roque was a criminal element in our educational system and that he needed professional help. Instead, he was allowed to continue his mayhem, resulting in the sudden and horrible death of an innocent father and spouse. Jagat, like so many immigrants, came to the USA for a better life, but found a nightmare, and went back in a casket. Our law enforcement, educational and social services must be more vigilant to identify and treat troubled teenagers and other vicious elements in our community, before more incidents like these are perpetrated on decent, law abiding residents. Nixmary Brown's tragedy was another example of the unfortunate retrogression of these services."  Roque is still in prison awaiting trial.

Baldeo, who rushed to the aid of the bereaved family when he read about the distraught family, counseled them and applied for compensation for the family from the Crime Victims Board, and successfully obtained the sum of $30,000 for the family. They have since relocated to another neighborhood, because the memories were too painful for them to continue living there. "No amount of compensation can replace the loss of a father, but at least the family can get by a little better. I am here to assist crime victims, whatever nationality, race, color or creed they may be, on a pro bono/free basis. Hopefully, the city can make our environment safer," Baldeo said.

Attorney Baldeo is also assisting the family by rendering more pro bono legal services to ensure that the remaining son in Guyana can come to the USA on humanitarian grounds earliest. The son's petition died upon the father's demise, but, Baldeo, a specialist in immigration, business and real estate law, substituted the grieving widow and kept their hopes of uniting the family in the USA alive. 


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