The awardees in the front row are: Asgar Choudhri, Attorney at Law Albert Baldeo Esq, Pritam Singh Gilzian, Singh of the National TV of Bangladesh, and Peter Koo and John Jeong's representative. In the back row are the executive members of the New Americans Democratic Organization-Moustafa El Shiekh, Chet Szarejko, Morshed Alam standing next to Assemblyman Nick Perry, who presented the awards. 
The New Americans Democratic Organization, the largest conglomeration of born and naturalized US citizens in New York City, celebrated its Annual Diversity Awards last Thursday at the elegant Royal India Palace located at 108-18 Street on Atlantic Avenue in Richmond Hill, Queens. Consisting of families from America, richly mixing with immigrants from India, Pakistan, Guyana, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Israel, France, Poland, Ceylon, Egypt, Malaysia, Trinidad, Suriname, Latin America, Africa and many other countries, to form a diversified coalition of thousands of members, a packed and excited audience paid tribute to its chosen champions who best exemplify the organization's goal of empowering, energizing and encouraging New Americans, from every race, ethnicity and religion in their respective fields of endeavor.
The chosen awardees are from different backgrounds and professions, reflecting the rich mosaic on New York City, and the passion, gifts and skills with which immigrants enrich America. Last year's City Council District 28 candidate, Attorney at Law and community advocate Albert Baldeo was awarded for his outstanding political activism, pro bono legal services and his efforts to empower his community.  Mr. Pritam Singh Gilzian was awarded for his leadership and religious work at the Gurudwara Baba Makhan. Mr. Asgar Choudhri, the President of the American Pakistani League, was chosen for his pivotal work for Pakistanis in the USA, whereas Mr. Peter Koo, the President of the Chinese Business Association, and Mr. John Jeong, a Korean community activist, were chosen for their unselfish and dedicated devotion to the Chinese and Korean communities respectively. The last award went to the National Television of Bangladesh (NTV), for its excellent media service.
"These honorees universally reflect and best exemplify the leadership and community activism roles the new American community needs in America, so that present and future generations of Americans can take our rightful seat at the table of American politics," Assemblyman Nick Perry, who handed out the awards, said. Chet Szarejko, Morshed Alam, Moustafa ElShiek, Attorney Brain Pu-Folkes, Harbachan Singh, Mujid  Rahman, Armughan Asar, Chuck Mohan, Dilip Nath and many other stalwarts of the organization also encouraged new Americans to become citizens, register to vote, and make a difference in their communities.
Assemblyman Perry declared his candidacy for the US Congress, and Morshed Alam reiterated tha he was running for Brian McLaughlin's Assembly seat. March 23, 2006

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