Congrats to Albert Baldeo


Dear Editor,

I congratulate Guyanese-born lawyer, Albert Baldeo, a former magistrate in Guyana, who was recently honored by Queens' politicians.

The New Americans Democratic Organization, one of the largest conglomerations of naturalized US citizens in New York City, honored Baldeo for his contribution to immigrants and politics in Queens.

The New Americans Democratic Organization is a political club associated with the Democratic Party.

Baldeo received the award at the organization's annual Diversity Awards assembly. The political club comprises of a diversified coalition whose goal is to help Democrats win political office and empower immigrants.

Baldeo was one of several awardees chosen from different backgrounds and professions to reflect the rich mosaic of New York City, as well as the passion, gifts and skills with which immigrants enrich America.

Baldeo, a candidate in last year's election for City Council, District 28, and a community advocate, was awarded for his outstanding political activism, pro bono legal services and efforts to empower his community.

Many Guyanese in attendance at the awards assembly applauded Baldeo for his achievement. Also, Brooklyn Assemblyman, Nick Perry, said Baldeo

“exemplifies the leadership and community activism roles the new American community needs in America , so that present and future generations of Americans can take our rightful seat at the table of American politics”.

Congrats to Baldeo for his achievement.

Vishnu Bisram

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