Basmat Parbat, the mother of Kaminie Tara Nauth, smiles for the first time in a year, as she meets Albert Baldeo. Her son-in-law Sam Persaud Taran Nauth was murdered near Buxton. Attorney Baldeo stepped in to assist the widowed daughter and 3 grandchildren in Guyana. "This case emphasizes that racial bigotry, violence and crime can destroy our families and communities. A hard working man was ripped from his family, leaving a grieving widow and her 3 small daughters, aged 6, 4 and a new born respectively. Guyana needs urgent help to solve its crime situation," Baldeo said.

The grieving widow and 3 daughters of Guyana Sugar Corporation (GUYSUCO) employee, Sam Persaud Taran Nauth, called “Shammie”, 37, who mysteriously disappeared in Guyana while last while working in an area aback Vigilance, which neighbors the violence-prone and troubled East Coast Demerara village of Buxton, is going to receive help from Attorney at Law, Albert Baldeo. His co-worker, Maikhram Sawh also disappeared. They are presumed dead.

The GUYSUCO workers were missing since May 21, 2005, prompting widespread but fruitless searches for them in the Vigilance back land, including GUYSUCO aircrafts and large search parties. The suspicion was that Shammie and Bharrat might have been kidnapped, and wantonly murdered on racial grounds by gangs in Buxton. According to the headline news in Guyana, the grieving widow, Kamini, cuddling her seven-month-old baby girl, Divya, daughters , Lisa, 4, and Sarah, 6, related that her husband left for work as normal around 5:30 hours Saturday, but he did not return.

There were also reports from some residents that at least four gunshots were heard, soon after they were discovered missing, in the Buxton area, less than a minute after a search aircraft flew over the area. Remains of skeletons were since found in the Buxton area, most burnt beyond recognition for a positive identification to be made.


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