Dear Councilman and District Leader:

Greetings! You will recall that immediately after the elections, I congratulated you and reiterated my intention to work with you for the betterment of our community, our families, our neighbors, our children and our collective future.

I wish to convey my disappointment at your ill advised, unfortunate and continuing attacks on your constituents, as published in the Jamaica Times Ledger of March 2, 2006, about the Rochdale Village protests. The report stated, “White and Scott both said the complaints are coming from a small, and perhaps politically motivated group of agitators who are intent on causing problems. There are about 50 of them. Fifty out of  20,000 is hardly a mandate,” Scott said. White singled out attorney Albert Baldeo, who ran against White for the City Council and is involved in a lawsuit that is pending against Scott and the board of directors... "  

Apart from your misplaced anger directed at me, many were alarmed that you actually sought to trivialize and deflect such an important issue, which has actually sparked many civil unrests in your constituency. Indeed, you were recently published as complaining that "I am feeling the squeeze," when asked about the recent 12 % fuel charge increase.

On behalf of your neighbors and our fellow constituents, I ask, "Where is the politics in this?” This is not about me. It is about the pressing issues and problems in Rochdale Village, a part of your constituency. Ask any Rochdale cooperator and they will tell you the same. In fact, you live in Rochdale. Thousands have signed the petition, and approached my offices as a community leader and advocate to assist, and I am very disappointed that you have unfairly accused me of playing politics, whereas I am trying to solve problems that you should be tackling. How can you ignore the issues facing over 25,000 angry residents, when you are their councilman? That is your job!

Your inconsistency continues. You claimed, as published in the Press of SouthEast Queens, February 24, 2006, that “Nobody reached out to me and I did not receive a communiqué,” whereas Rochdale cooperators vehemently affirm that you have consistently “turned your back on  them.”

I am therefore making another appeal to you to do your job, and to alleviate the problems facing your constituents, as we mutually satisfy and solidify the base of our democratic party in this district, and to desist from attacking myself or any of your constituents for asking you to do your job. We must all work together for the betterment of our community.

Albert Baldeo, Esq                                                                                                                         Community Advocate/Democrat

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