Attorney and Community Advocate Albert Baldeo meets with the Hon. Eliot Spitzer, the next Governor of New York. "Mr. Spitzer will bring resources to our community, including the creation of more jobs, better health care, education, wages, lower crime and racial profiling, and more senior assistance. We must give him our support!" Baldeo urges.

US Senator Chuck Schumer congratulates Albert Baldeo. "Senator Schumer is fighting for working families, immigrants and small businesses. He is the model of what a US Senator should be."

Congressman Anthony Weiner congratulates Albert Baldeo, after presenting him with the Congressional Award. "Senator Weiner reaches out to all communities in our district, whereas we have never met with our Councilman (Tom White), on the issues facing our community. It is a shame that Mr. Weiner can come to us, and we can't find our city council representative."


Albert Baldeo and Comptroller Bill Thompson, who has put New York City's finances in a healthy state. 

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz congratulates Baldeo. "We have to work together!" he said.

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