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THE ALLIANCE: From L to R-Dr. Harold Greene, Dr. Frans Verhagen, Albert Baldeo, Esq, Mary Ann Carey and Nancy Di Croce. The organization is reaching out to anyone who is interested, to contact attorney Albert Baldeo at 718-529-2300.

A group of community minded activists, advocates and experts recently formed an association at the law offices of Albert Baldeo at 106-11 Liberty Avenue in Ozone Park, to combat aviation noise and air pollution. This alliance is dedicated to protecting the health, safety and welfare of individuals and communities that are affected by the air transport industry.

The health, ecological and environmental hazards caused by aircrafts are endangering our planet, and are the greatest future threats to global warming. Moreover, airport noise and toxic pollution are a widespread and growing problem in the United States, but more so, in the environs of the busy JFK and La Guardia airports. Shattered windows, chronic fatigue, deteriorating hearing and sleep deprivation are but the tip of the iceberg. The invisible toxic emissions are deadly, comparable to an exploding gas station every time a plane takes off.

Scientists have raised concerns about the health effects of aircraft noise for many expanding reasons. There are studies that link excess noise and toxic exposure to increased stress levels and other illnesses, such as asthma, pneumonia, respiratory problems, tuberculosis, pregnancy complications and mental deficiencies. Some studies suggest that chronic stress might lead to an increased risk of high blood pressure (hypertension) and heart disease for some people.

Studies conducted also found that average blood pressure levels were elevated in a group of schoolchildren exposed to aircraft noise. The significant increase in air traffic over the past decades has resulted in a substantial amount of noise complaints around airports. Studies show both the psychological and physiological damage aircraft noise causes in individuals.

Although federal statutes and regulations have preempted state and local control over noise pollution, local entities remain responsible for implementing noise compatibility programs and regulating land use. This framework results in a complicated scheme of federal, state, and local legislation and case law, while airports and their surrounding communities are left to decipher their correct role. "The FAA, as the implementer of federal noise abatement policy, has failed in many of its objectives. Additional steps such as the reestablishment of The Office of Noise and Abatement Control (ONAC), shared liability for damage caused by aircraft noise, and more funding for noise mitigation projects need to be taken to adequately address the growing airport noise pollution problem in the United States," the group stated.

The alliance issued a call to all relevant state and federal officials and representatives to help eliminate these dangerous threats in the respective environs of the two major airports, especially in the communities of Howard Beach, Ozone Park, Rosedale, Locust Manor, Jamaica Bay, Inwood, Broad Channel, Astoria, College Point, Jackson Heights, Corona, Flushing and environs. 

 "A class action lawsuit to alleviate our problems may become necessary if our rights and welfare continue to be ignored," attorney Baldeo, a resident of Wakefield, said. "These planes fly so low that we can feel the condensation on our heads."  A few months ago, Baldeo brought a class action lawsuit on behalf of the second largest group of cooperators/shareholders in the world (over 25,000 Rochdale Village cooperators), against the Rochdale Village Board of Directors to explain the depletion of the Contingency Reserve Fund from $30 million to $8 million, judgment for $25 million against the said Board for conversion, waste and depletion of the said fund, an independent audit and accounting of how the board contracted $80 million on the backs of shareholders/cooperators, an injunction to alleviate the burdensome carrying charge increases, and the eradication of environmental and nuisance problems such as blackouts, rodents and parking problems. The outcome of that lawsuit is pending before the courts.


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