Prominent community advocate, lawyer and State senate candidate Albert Baldeo brought some great Diwali news last Friday when he attended Diwali prayers as guest speaker at the Shri Trimurti Bhavan Mandir. He announced and started off the donations for the establishment of a fund to assist sick children in our community, and in Guyana. His plans were immediately accepted and endorsed by several prominent members of the mandir, including officiating priest Chunelall Narine, Dr. Dhanpaul Narine, Mendra Singh of Metrocity Insurance, real estate broker Shanti Amar, lawyer K.V. Jairam, Harry Ganesh and others.

"Every community in my State senate district has earned the right to have our fair share of tax dollars, resources and benefits, but we are short changed by selfish politicians who only collect money from us, pretend that they care, but deliver nothing in return. They favor certain districts over others, instead of across the board. The time has come when we have to show leadership on these issues, and take our rightful seat at the table of government, so that all kids can get a better education, all seniors affordable health care, all working families better jobs and wages, and all of God's children a better quailty of life," Baldeo said. "That is why I am making the sacrifice of running for office, to empower you and your families for generations to come to live the American dream," Baldeo said to an appreciative crowd of over 500 people. 

                     "GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EFFORTS TO EMPOWER OUR DISTRICT"                                           From Left to Right: Attorney at Law Albert Baldeo receives the blessings of world renowned spiritual leader, Hari Om Sharan and his spouse Nandini Sharan at the Trimurti Bhavan mandir last Diwali. "Thank you for the spirituality that you have brought to the world," Baldeo told the revered icon.

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