Baldeo protests Con Ed's proposed 17% rate increase                                                              (Reprinted from The Queens Gazette)   

Unconscionable Increase
To The Editor:
Another rate increase for Con Edison? Seventeen percent more, which will cost us $1.2 billion?

Are you serious, given this utility company's culpability in last year's debacle blackout in parts of Queens and the chaos caused by the blown pipeline in the city? These questions are being asked of virtually every Con Ed customer, and we need answers from all concerned. 

This 17% increase, coupled with inflation and stagnant wages, will result in many working families and seniors scrambling to balance their budgets in order to meet this inconsiderate and unconscionable demand. Worse yet, it seems that we are paying for the gross negligence and inefficiency this company has inflicted on us in the past.

What assurances do customers have to ensure that such a debacle does not happen again? We need a guarantee that we will not be in total darkness for any period of time, due to lack of preparedness to handle such occurrences again, but more so, we need a guarantee from Con Edison that all the necessary preventative measures are in place. A rate increase at this point in time does not buy this company any of its patron's confidence.

I am calling on every elected official in New York state to explore the possibility of ending the monopoly that Con Edison has on the public and also request that all legislators put a moratorium on Con Edison's increases until all these proposals are met. Albert Baldeo Ozone Park


Albert is a fighter always standing up for our collective good.


BALDEO WARNS OF DANGERS DUE TO OUR FAILING INFRASTRUCTURE                               (Reprinted from The Queens Gazette)

Rehab Our Infrastructure
To The Editor:

Last week, we woke up to chaos after a severe thunderstorm and tornado. Streets, homes and subway lines were flooded. The New York subway system was shut down for virtually an entire day, while millions of dollars of damage was done to homes and lives were put at risk. Slowly but surely, the city's entire infrastructure is falling apart.

Over the years, New York City residents have suffered from massive blackouts due to a failing power supply infrastructure, street flooding and a growing number of potholes in the streets, an obsolete sewer system and bungling bureaucracy. We call upon all city, state and federal lawmakers to get down to work by providing funds and solutions, so that our deteriorating quality of life improves.

We desperately need our representatives to study these areas of severe neglect and start providing some relief. They must act now. Protect our homes and the environment. Save us from the despair of overwhelming disaster. Albert Baldeo Community Advocate Ozone Park


                              Our entire mosaic of God's children, so intrinsic in our diversity and greatness as a nation, will suffer from our failing infrastructure-unless we maintain it.


ALBERT BALDEO DEMANDS BETTER SERVICES FOR VETS & SENIORS                              (Reprinted by The Queens Gazette)

Vets Deserve Better
To The Editor:

At a recent public meeting held by Congressman Gregory Meeks to discuss federal services provided to our veterans, I was once again reminded about the failings of some of our elected officials to assist these patriots who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

It is most painful to hear of our veterans' pleas for better housing and health care when we hear officials report surpluses in our state budget. There were harrowing accounts from many of the daily hardships caused by hefty healthcare costs and inadequate housing. It is hard to accept that the brave who have served our country by putting their lives on the line are now forced to live in shelters. Their pleas are for our elected officials to pay attention to these problems.

An appeal is hereby also made to Mayor [Michael Bloomberg] to fulfill his promise and remove the undignified circumstances which our veterans face every day in their lives.

I urge our elected officials to listen to our veterans' pleas and provide more funding, rather than merely spewing rhetoric. The welfare of all seniors, including our veterans, is paramount. Photo ops with these brave stalwarts will not suffice.

Albert Baldeo Ozone Park


                         Veterans made the ultimate sacrifice for us, and we must salute them! 

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