Al Baldeo receives Community Leadership Award from Good Government Regular Democrats
Albert Baldeo and spouse Tara Baldeo are congratulated by Democratic District Leader and President of the Club Lew Simon     (L to R), Buddy Hoosein-President Elect of LIBOR, Lou Kirchgessner-President of GCOP-104COP, District Leader Frank Kotnik, Camille Venezia and Moses Seuram of Community Board 9.
The honorees: Timothy Warrington (Director of Masons Tenders Local 79), Edward Valentine (Chief of Rockaway Point Volunteer Fire Dept), District Leader Lew Simon, Christopher McCabe (Inspirational Leader -in wheel chair),  Msgr. Michael McCurran (Pastor of Blessed Trinity), Albert Baldeo (Community Leader), Daniel Mundy (Environmental Committee Chair CB 14), Gregory Floyd (President Local 237), Dr. Stephanie
Cooper (Noted Surgeon), Captain Phylis Byrne (NYC Transit Police) and Vince Barbour (President of Woodhaven Residents Block Association). Absent from photo are Brendan Gallagher (Board of Directors of Breezy Point Co-Op), Erin Rippe (President of St. Camillus Home School Association), Anthony Pugliese (Business Agent of Local 157). 

This select and diverse group of community activists and leaders were honored by the Good Government Regular Democratic Club of the 23 rd Assembly District last Thursday at El Caribe. Mr. Lew Simon, District Leader and President of the Club chaired the proceedings which celebrated the club's 21st anniversary and paid tribute to the contributions and dedication of the honorees in their respective endeavors.

Heading the list was Albert Baldeo, an outstanding community leader and grass roots organizer, who was  honored for his dedication to uplifting working families and for his exemplary loyalty and support to the Queens County Democratic Organization and to all Democrats. In the 2006 State Senate elections, Albert earned the support and trust of the diverse voters in this district, by fighting for changes and exposing the stranglehold special interests, lobbyists and cronyism exert on democracy.

Baldeo's strong, independent showing against the powerful 20 year incumbent paved the way for Councilman Joe Addabbo to finish Albert’s mission of defeating Maltese and taking back the State Senate from Republican dysfunction, a watershed event in our political history. Our charismatic County leader, Congressman Joe Crowley, and new State Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith have expressed their gratitude and debt to Albert for “the gut wrenching decision of putting aside his personal ambitions, and to join forces to fight for the greater good of the Democratic Party.” Albert’s efforts in mobilizing his base behind Joe Addabbo and Liz Crowley, proved decisive in changing the political landscape for Democrats, and were a major factor in winning these important seats.

Baldeo's leadership and team play led to Addabbo avoiding a divisive and costly primary, which saved Democrats over a million dollars, and proved to be a significant factor in us taking control of the State Senate for the first time since 1965. Apart from his endorsement, Baldeo put his resources behind Joe Addabbo and Liz Crowley, who was fighting Anthony Como to remove the last Republican City Council seat in Queens, in a way never seen before in Queens politics, and gave the Addabbo and Crowley campaigns significant resources in office space, volunteers, visibility, getting out the vote, holding rallies, fundraising and registering new voters. "When Albert threw his support behind us", Addabbo and Crowley said, "our chances surged, and we knew that, together, we would defeat the Republicans soundly." Over 2,000 union workers and volunteers were strategically deployed from Baldeo's law offices throughout Election Day, which blanketed the entire district, and provided the linchpin for Addabbo’s and Crowley’s landslide victories.

Attorney Albert Baldeo is a driven community activist and impassioned advocate, who builds alliances with everyone, fights for issues that affect our quality of life, and makes communities stronger. A former judge and prosecutor, he is also an arbitrator, mediator, lecturer and columnist.

Over the years, Albert has been involved in the community in many different ways. He is the Founder and President of the Richmond Hill/Ozone Park Democratic club, and the Baldeo Community Outreach, Citizenship and Voter Registration Assistance Center. He is also the President of the Baldeo Community, Citizenship, Youth, Seniors and Welfare Center, Co-President of the Medical and Legal Assistance Center, Chairman of the Community Empowerment Congress, President of the Community Environmental and Crime Prevention Watch, the Coalition against Hate Crimes and the Alliance against Air Pollution. He dispenses free legal consultations and legal assistance, and sponsors and conducts free educational seminars to the public. He is a regular contributor and columnist in various media, relentlessly advocating for changes. He and his brother, Dr. Philip Baldeo, provide food, clothing, medical supplies and cash to the Guyana Flood, Tsunami, Katrina and Pakistan victims and to the poor and needy in our community.

"Albert deserves to hold public office, and when he runs again, I hope that I have the honor of being the first person to endorse him," Lew Simon said in a standing ovation for Baldeo. 


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