In Our Opinion:

If anything, the characters in this book should serve as an example.
While most of us might not have the drive and passion for a single issue, we have all wanted something improved   in our borough. Whether it is a loading zone in front of a school, an investigation into some construction down the street or throwing a block party; it all starts with a single phone call or a community need.
From there you might find you are the go-to person in the neighborhood when people encounter a certain issue. Then before you know it, the Tribune is calling you.
Many of the people in these pages started small - on a very small problem, but now, thanks to them we don't have to worry quite as much. They have in part become problem solvers, go-to guys or gals, or watchdogs of the common good. Even when they're over the top, they are providing a service and serving the greater community.
Perhaps you can find a role model here, perhaps not. But maybe there is sufficient motivation to pick up the phone or go to a meeting next time you encounter a problem or an issue.
We're all in this together. Have you done your part today?

  AlbertBaldeo.Com 2005