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We are in a terrible crisis. Our people are suffering, losing their jobs, businesses and yes, dying-every day. We need urgent help and resources. Together, we must chart a new course for our district, quickly and decisively. Let us remember why we are the greatest democracy in the world. We need, and must demand change, in our so-called “leaders and representatives!” More than ever before, each vote cast for me, is a vote for progress, unity and empowerment for all of us-our children, our families, our neighbors, our seniors, our babies, our veterans, and our entire community. I am stepping up to help in this pandemic and economic decline. Anyone can do a better job than the present Assemblyman, who has been MIA. His 20-year record is one of corruption, inaction and nepotism. Time to fire him!

I am your "breath of fresh air," because my candidacy is not controlled by special interests, corporations and/or lobbyists, but by a passion to serve our district. I answer only to the people. Our district has been neglected for too long, and I will work hard for everyone in this district, so that we can have a better standard of life, and all of us can truly live the American dream. 

•    Unemployment, illnesses, hardship is at the highest it's been for decades.

•    Our health care system must be quickly upgraded, and made more accessible/affordable for ALL

•    Our children must have better schools, more specialized high schools in our district, more qualified teachers, more text books, computers, after school programs.

•    Our hospitals are being closed, while health care insurance must be accessible to everyone.

•    Lack of jobs and costs of living increases are squeezing working families out of our neighborhoods.

•    Small businesses, homeowners and workers must be assisted by a Special Recovery Fund. 

•    We desperately need more affordable housing, and less taxation.

•    Public transportation fares have increased, and services reduced or cut.

•    Homelessness, hunger and pain in the City have risen to unacceptable numbers. 

•    We have over 60,000 homeless people, including over 20,000 children in NYC alone.

•    Our veterans, seniors and retirees are not getting the help they have earned, and deserve.

•    Our neighborhood parks and roads are in a state of disrepair.

•    Working families are leaving the city because they can no longer afford to live here.

•    While working families struggle to make ends meet, the State and City's top managerial employees roll in millions in salary increases.

•    Our schools are unbearably overcrowded, while school aides are being laid off.

•    Our environment is not getting the attention it deserves, as green jobs and sustainability are not being adequately addressed.

•    Air and noise pollution, polluted land and traffic congestion cry out for reform.

The list goes on and on.

After all, there is only one way to fill the potholes and to pick up the garbage, or to serve constituents. 
Hire me for the job! I know your needs and your problems, and will fight for them, from Day 1!

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